TK8 Software
Become a TK8 Software Partner!

TK8 Software is interested in developing and maintaining strong relationships with other businesses that can benefit all parties. If you want to maximize your revenues, strengthen your product portfolio or expand your offerings, becoming a TK8 Software partner may be for you.

When you become a member of TK8 Software growing network of partners you will have access to resources such as technical support, sales leads, marketing and sales tools, training and more.

We have several partnership options to choose from:

  • Reseller Program is designed for companies and entrepreneurs who are interested in offering our software to their customer base.
  • Affiliate Program is for webmasters, newsletter owners and bloggers who could introduce our software to their visitors and readers.
  • OEM Program is good if you want to integrate our software to your own products and services, providing additional value to your customers.
  • If you want to sell your business or a single product, please fill in the form on acquisitions page.
  • If you want to offer our products under your own brand name, please read more at branding page.

We owe most of our marketing success to our partners individuals and organizations who are aware of TK8 Software products and excellent reputation. If you believe you can introduce TK8 Software to new market opportunities, please contact us to explore the options for a mutually-beneficial agreement.