TK8 Software
Looking for new products?

As a partner, you can re-brand the whole range of our products. This allows you to offer the products (or a single product) developed by TK8 Software under your own company name, as if it is developed by you.

We will create a new identity for the product as per your requirements. You will have complete rights on all creative material developed by you, along with the new brand-name of the product. However, we do not provide you with any intellectual property rights over the code or any other creative material that is developed by us.

As a re-brand partner, you can choose the payment processing option to bill the customers. You have complete control over the customer information and the customer's account. In case TK8 Software handles customer support, we would require basic information to ensure quality service to your customers.

The cost of branding varies depending on the level of customization and license quantities you are planning to sell or give away. For more information, please contact us and describe your business plan.