TK8 Safe is a perfect password management software
with features covering all aspects of storing and using
sensitive information.

Secure Password Software

Without a question, security should be the most important factor in every password software product.

To protect your information, TK8 Safe uses the strongest cryptography methods known to date.

Your database is encrypted with the same AES 256 algorithm the US government uses to protect its top secrets.

As the database master password is used for the encryption key, there is no way someone can hack your file without knowing the actual password.

When the password is entered incorrectly 3 times, the program is locked for 60 seconds. That makes brute-force attacks impossible. Even with 1000 computers working 24/7 it would take 69235 years to open the file.

Additionally, TK8 password software has the unique ability to detect memory dumping applications that can grab your data from computer memory. Even when somebody manages to get the memory dump they cannot use it. Everything loaded to memory is kept encrypted there, even while your database is open.

On-screen keyboard will eliminate the risk that some sneaky keylogger could catch your database password. Your password remains hidden from all keyloggers.

Password quality indicator is handy when creating or changing passwords. It will show you how secure they really are. At the same time, the password generator can suggest secure and random passwords that cannot be guessed by popular dictionary attacks.

Your database is locked automatically when you haven't used it for some time. So don't worry when you leave and forget to close the database.

To be sure you won't lose your passwords, TK8 Safe will make local backups from your protected database. Should something corrupt your file (like a hard disc failure or a virus), you will still have all your data.

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When using TK8 Safe you can be sure your data is protected in the best possible way.