TK8 Safe is a perfect password management software
with features covering all aspects of storing and using
sensitive information.

Universal Password Safe

Looking for universal password software?

TK8 Safe is not tied to some particular web browser or program. You can use it independently. At the same time, convenient password auto-filling and other features are available on any login form, in any application.

The problem with web browser toolbars is that when the new version of the browser is released, the plugin might not work anymore. That's not an issue with TK8 Password Safe. You can always upgrade your browser to the latest version and be sure everything still works.

When using TK8 Password Safe your browser is not bloated with yet-another toolbar that makes it slow and takes away the valuable screen room.

Of course, your data is not locked to the particular computer either. All your passwords are stored in one encrypted file. When changing computers just move that file to your new computer and all your information is transferred.

Your information is not locked to TK8 Password Safe exclusively. Should you need to export your data to some other program, you can do that. Your information is highly protected, but you can still take it out when needed.

Store your passwords wisely, use them easily!

TK8 Safe is the perfect digital safe for your passwords.