TK8 Safe is a perfect password management software
with features covering all aspects of storing and using
sensitive information.

Convenient Password Organizer

TK8 Safe not only stores your sensitive data, it is also a good password organizer.

All your records are stored in folders. As soon as you activate the folder, you will see all the records it contains. Of course the folder structure can be customized as you like and you can move records from one folder to another at any time.

When you have many records, sometimes it's good to use additional categories. With just two clicks you can filter out and work with only your business-related accounts and passwords.

Sorting your data has never been easier. Just click on the column header and the list is sorted by that column.

To find some account quickly, just start typing in the table. The program will immediately locate the entry that contains the characters you typed. The advanced find command is also available to search based on specific fields and folders.

Icons can be selected for each record you have, making them stand out and represent the account type.

TK8 Safe was the first password organizer to introduce Favorites and Password Groups. These functions make it easy to manage your most popular entries and open a set of websites with a single click.

Organize your passwords easily!

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