TK8 Safe is a perfect password management software
with features covering all aspects of storing and using
sensitive information.

Standard or Professional Edition?

TK8 Safe has two editions.

The Standard version comes with enough features to cover most needs for a regular computer user. Having fewer features compared to the Professional edition it's also easier to use.

Advanced computer users or users with specific needs can select the Professional version to get all the features TK8 Safe has to offer.

Here's the full comparison table and 48 good reasons why you should get TK8 Safe right now:

Easy to understand and fast Yes Yes
Possibility to run the program directly from removable media (like USB drives) Yes Yes
Possibility to use multiple data files Yes Yes
Multiple users can access the same file at the same time (having full access to the file) No Yes
Auto backup features built in Yes Yes
System tray working mode Yes Yes
Tiny Password Bar working mode Yes Yes
Customizable look (with memory) Yes Yes
Multi-language support Yes Yes
Fully encrypted data files (using AES 256 algorithm) Yes Yes
AES 128, Blowfish 448, DES, TwoFish and Square encryption algorithms available No Yes
Single user selectable master password to access password database file Yes Yes
On-screen keyboard available to enter master password No Yes
Password Quality Indicator to show the password strength (security level) for every password Yes Yes
In-memory encryption (while you are using your data, it is still encrypted in the memory making it unreadable to other processes) Yes Yes
Protection agains dictionary and guessing attacks Yes Yes
Options to mask and hide sensitive information while using your data file Yes Yes
The file is locked automatically after idle for 5 minutes (time can be chanegd in options) Yes Yes
Built in tool to encrypt and decrypt other files on your hard drive No Yes
Information management    
Unlimited entries and folders Yes Yes
Special forms designed to keep different kind of information better: 1) General login entries (for any kind of passowrds and login information); 2) Card entries (to store credit and membership cards); 3) File encryptions, 4) Secure notes, 5) Serial numbers Yes Yes
Ability to store unlimited custom fields and values for each entry Yes Yes
Password generator to create new secure random passwords easily Yes Yes
Password generation based on templates No Yes
Drag and drop support for entries and folders Yes Yes
Recycle Bin and Undo features Yes Yes
Using your data    
Auto-type command to fill login prompts automatically Yes Yes
Run command to launch web sites or file links related with selected entry Yes Yes
Classic clipboard (copy and paste) functions Yes Yes
Custom sorting, grouping and column order on the entry list Yes Yes
Quick search to find entries - just start typing on the entry list Yes Yes
Advanced search and filters Yes Yes
Favorites Yes Yes
Login Groups feature that allows you to open several web sites with one click No Yes
Printing entry lists Yes Yes
Importing from text files Yes Yes
Exporting entries to Excel, Text files, HTML and XML Yes Yes
Advanced features and options    
File Synchronization No Yes
Importing from text files Yes Yes
E-mailing entry information No Yes
History log to see every change No Yes
Templates for custom fields No Yes
System wide keyboard shortcuts Yes Yes
User permission system, allowing to restrict features and folder access for different users No Yes
Getting Help    
Printable manual Yes Yes
Online and offline help files Yes Yes
Video Tutorials Yes Yes
Fast email support Yes Yes
Supported Platforms    
Windows 98 / ME / 2000 /XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 Yes Yes
Works on 32-bit systems Yes Yes
Works on 64-bit systems Yes Yes
With upgrades for 2 years US $19.95 US $29.95
With lifetime upgrade protection US $29.90 US $39.90