TK8 Safe is a perfect password management software
with features covering all aspects of storing and using
sensitive information.



After reviewing many password programs, we have decided that TK8 Safe is the best program we have seen on the market!

Michel Creppy

London, UK


Just wanted to let you know how impressed I've been with your TK8 Safe product. I finally found it a few months ago after searching long and hard for a password program that met all of my criteria, and had almost given up. It is, in my opinion, not only the best password application on the market, but one of the most elegant and carefully thought-out applications of any category - and I'm VERY picky.

David Barber

Franklin, TN, US


If you need a safe and convenient way to manage all your passwords, you are very well advised to get TK8 Safe. Its password management functionality and its extra features will put a smile on your face.

George Norman

FindMySoft Editor


Your software has worked for me very well. There were a few moments when I had asked your help and you have given that assistance to me. I suppose you have given the same help to anyone who had asked it. While I am not a seller of anything, I do feel that attending to the needs of those who buy a product is really important. So I thank you for the assistance which you have given to me since I have bought your software. It has served me well and I do not know what I would do without it, for I cannot remember so many passwords.

Ronald Lewis

Dallas, TX, US


You have a great product. I have recommended it to one of my consulting clients. However, I will now be recommending this to all of my clients going forward as it is safe, easy to use and fits a very definite need in the financial services industry.

David L. Lawrence



I'm just a recent convert to your program, and I'm congratulating myself on choosing it. It's perfect for my use, and worth every cent. I'm as delighted by your good looking, efficient program as I am by your fast responses. Your numero uno fan in Australia.

Don Basham

Melbourne, Australia


Thanks for the fast reply and thanks for a great product. I use it everyday all day. Dollar for dollar one of the best values out there.

Robert Wessel, CA, US


I was very pleasantly surprised at your personal and quick response.... a new version.. with a new key.. and your thanks! Wow. This is what I call a 'loyalty' program! I was always a supporter of TK8.. now, I think I am a 'rusted-on' supporter.

Dwayne Crews

Idaho Falls, ID


TK8 Safe is a amazing product, i have been testing some other products, but TK8 seems to be the best choice for our needs.

Svein-Egil Pettersen



Thanks for your continued support of an already excellent product!

Michael Hemy

Wexford, PA, US


I found your product, TK8 Safe and it is terrific!! Very easy to use, many custom settings available etc... Excellent software!!

Franz Machon

Luneburg, Germany


After months in use, I can say that this is one of the most valuable tools I've ever used. I can't believe I got by in the past without it.

Gerald Parker

Shreveport, LA, US


I still cant tell you how happy i am to have found this program and will definately refer it to all..!!!!! keep up the good work!

Vincent Bohlier

Hayden, ID, US


You are amazing....that you are on the computer this time of night etc. I am very impressed!

Kellie Condon

Vallejo, CA, US


Great support and great product! You have been wonderful to work with.

Andy Harris

London, UK


My clients often complain about all the passwords and accounts they have to remember and manage. Knowing how easy and useful TK8 Safe is, I recommend it them every time. I have no words describing it.. it is just a masterpiece!

Gert Hausler



Your software is *wonderful* - I plan to recommend it to my co-workers and geeky friends. Thanks for making such a powerful, intuitive program!

Julie Gomoll

Austin, TX, US


It is one of the most user friendly and powerful pieces of software I have ever used.

Lubomir Nanov



I really do like it. I don't miss the days I used notepad and paper notes and typed all the passwords manualy. This tool saves my time and nerves!

Harold Ward

Beaverton, OR, US