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Welcome to our Press Resources page - one-stop shopping for members of the press. Whether you're a senior editor at a national computer magazine, or are planning your first article for your local PC user's group, this is the place to be.

Latest Press Releases and Product Literature

TK8 Backup:
Press Release for version 3.0 (TEXT)
Press Release for version 3.0 (HTML)
Product overview
Animated demos and tutorials

TK8 Safe:
Press Release for version 2.8 (TEXT)
Press Release for version 2.8 (HTML)
Product overview
Animated demos and tutorials

Graphics and Screen Shots

TK8 Backup Screenshot Gallery

TK8 Safe Screenshot Gallery
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Evaluation Versions

You can download full featured evaluation (shareware) versions by using the links below. You will get a 30-day trial version, just like your readers would get.

A Free Registration Key

As a courtesy to the press, we offer free registration key to enable you to access all of the features beyond the 30-day trial period. Please send a request for a key to and explain that you're in the process of reviewing our software - mention the product and the publication please. This offer is good for all forms of media - Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Shows, TV Shows, Web-Based Magazines, etc..

Common Questions & Answers

Q: How much does your software cost?
A: Our full price list is available at

Q: Does your software use Adware/Spyware?
A: No.
TK8 software is pure Shareware. Try before you buy, 30-day evaluation, no "phone home" activation, and the program does not send data back to us.

Q: Is there a manual included?
A: Yes. The help file and the printable manual in the PDF file format is includes.

Q: For how long have you been in business?
A: Our company was founded and registered already in 1993. First software product was released in 1995.

Q: Is your software available in retail channel?
A: No. Most of our sales are direct.

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