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List of TK8 Business CRM main features:


  • Easy to use and fast interface. Find the data you need in seconds.
  • Powerful data sorting, grouping and filtering available
  • Unique quick info views to see the related information about the contact of selected record.
  • Easy data entering. Use date selection edit boxes, combo boxes to select earlier used values instead of typing, etc.

Contacts module:

  • Contact list and well organized contact detail form to store any kind of information related to your customers, vendors and other contacts
  • List unlimited sub contacts (like salesmans) for each contact
  • Select unlimited attachments for each of your contact if you like
  • Insert unlimited number of additional information records for each contact.
  • Holiday reminding system for contacts and sub-contacts.

Activities module:

  • Powerful event detail form to record your tasks, meetings, phone calls, incoming and outgoing letters and other activities.
  • Graphical event scheduling available in the day view mode and in the period timeline mode.
  • Event schedules by different data groups (for example schedule by employees, event types or products).
  • Alarms and reminders, including sending reminders to e-mails
  • Select attachments to your activities
  • Send e-mails on template, based on the activity data
  • Archive for older activities
  • History log to track any changes to the activity record

Sales and purchases module:

  • Sales opportunity tracking and management together with history log.
  • Track sales and purchases
  • Write invoices. Customize the look of your invoices. Print them or send by email.

Communication module:

  • Send personalized emails or letters to any kind of contact groups
  • Newsletter subscription list management . Receive emails to automatically subscribe or unsubscribe readers. Send e-mails to your subscribers from the group mailing module
  • Track your marketing campaign information for later analysis of what changes the campaign caused.

Statistics module:

  • Flexible statistics module allows you to analyze all the data - contacts, sales, activities, opportunities, etc.
  • Watch trends in numbers, pie or bar graph.
  • Statistics grouping and filtering available. For example total sales of selected department grouped by the customer service levels.

Advanced features available also:

  • Data import available in cases you would like to import for example accounting data for detailed analysis. You can import data to any module.
  • Data exporting available (export your data to XLS, HTML and XLM formats)
  • File Printing supported (you can print any report to Acrobat Reader PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, JPG, etc.)
  • User rights management module available
  • Customizable field names
  • Multi language support

Many additional smaller features available:

  • Auto dial phone numbers
  • Hyperlink (clickable) web site addresses and e-mails
  • Help file and printable manual available
  • etc...

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