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Program Benefits

How does it work?

It's simple to become an Affiliate. We have chosen premier provider of affiliate management services - eSellerate. This recognized third-party will track the sales process from beginning to end, and provide you with online reports so you can see how much you have earned at any time. They will handle also your affiliate payments.

After you have signed up with eSellerate, you can log in and download your Affiliate ID-tagged versions of our software. eSellerate unique technology will automatically hardcode your Affiliate ID, assigned to you when you sign up, into the purchase links in the software. It guarantees that you will be recorded as the affiliate - and therefore receive commission - for any sales generated from your downloads.

You will need to host the file (place it on your server) for download and then watch your download stats and adjust your promotional efforts to achieve the highest numbers of downloads. Special arrangements can be made for affiliates who for some reason cannot host their own files. Just contact us and explain your situation.

eSellerate also offers affiliates the option to promote our software for direct sale, instead of using the Affiliate ID-tagged builds. So you can place a link directly to the order page eSellerate provides. Some affiliates may find this produces more sales for their demographics and avoids the issue of needing to host the downloads themselves.

How much money can I make?

If you become an affiliate for our software, you will earn a 35% commission on every sale you help to generate. Once you have made 30 sales, we will increase your commission rate (the new rate depends from your average monthly sales volume and can be up to 50%).

Promoting Your Affiliate Software

Merely placing a banner graphic on your Web page does not in itself assure much in the way of sales. Good promotion generates good sales. By actively promoting your affiliate software and linking to an actual landing page you create on your own site, you will give your Web site visitor more information and persuade him to download or purchase the software for himself.

Please note: we encourage creative ways to promote our software and there are many. But Spam is specifically disallowed by the Affiliate Agreement you must agree to. If you are found guilty of sending unsolicited e-mail (SPAM) to promote our software, your affiliate status will be immediately terminated and any money credited to your account will be confiscated.

That's all there is to it! It costs you nothing to join, there is no risk and it works!

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After signing up, eSellerate will send your request to us for approval and once we've approved it (within 24 hours), you'll be getting details and are ready to sell our software!

Any Questions?

If you have any questions regarding the affiliate opportunities, do not hesitate to contact us!