TK8 Backup is reliable, easy-to-use backup software
to ensure you never lose your important files.

Selecting The Best Backup Type

There are several backup methods available to back up your data:

Full backup will back up every file from the folder or application you indicate, every time the backup is executed (manually or automatically). It's a good idea to have a "full set" of your data. This method is quite convenient to restore.

Incremental backup analyzes all the files and will back up only those files that have changed since the last backup. Incremental backups are faster to create and take less room than the Full backup. One drawback of the incremental backup method is that the backup files are inconvenient to restore. To revert back to your last working state, you need to restore many backup files (as the files you need are inside different backup files, based on when each was changed and backed up).

To make backing up easier, faster and more efficient, TK8 Backup is first backup software that has come up with a new and unique backup type - Combined backup.

Combined backup is a cross between full backup and incremental backup. After a certain number of executions, a full backups is automatically created. Between those full backups, incremental backups are created. Of course, it's all automatic. Compared with a full backup, a combined backup takes less time to create, uses less space to store the data and is much more convenient to restore than incremental backups.

For advanced users, TK8 Backup can also create mirror, differential and inverse backups when needed.