TK8 Backup is reliable, easy-to-use backup software
to ensure you never lose your important files.

Easy Restoring

We do hope you never lose your data. But accidents happen and when you're in a situation in which you need to get back your data from the backup, the process must be fast and easy.

Restoring Wizard, which is built in to TK8 Backup, is exactly what makes restoring fast and easy. Run this small utility from the TK8 Backup program group and follow the easy steps on the screen. With just a few clicks you will get back all the data.

Advanced users can open the backup file directly and drag the files where needed. The only thing necessary for this is a ZIP-compatible archiving application or the one built in to the Windows operating system.

TK8 Backup also has an option to make self-extracting backups. Those are executable backup files that you can execute like any other application. In addition to the files backed up it contains the Restoring Wizard utility. In order to restore, execute that file and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.