TK8 Backup is reliable, easy-to-use backup software
to ensure you never lose your important files.

What Files Should You Back Up?

Your computer contains a lot of valuable information. Probably some music and nice videos. Definitely you keep precious photos. Some documents are so important that losing them would make you go nuts. And then there's your e-mails...

To be protected, you need to back up every valuable file you have. Nothing more (to keep your backups small and fast), but nothing less either.

The problem is that many of us just do not know where those important files are located. With TK8 Backup that's not a problem. The first time TK8 Backup is started on your computer, it will instantly find the most popular applications, files and folders you probably want to back up.

For example, if you are using Outlook or Windows Mail, backup tasks are automatically created for those programs. The task is also scheduled to run automatically. Once the task is started (either by the scheduler or manually), all your emails, email accounts, mail rules, program settings and other related info is backed up.

TK8 Backup is the first backup software that makes it easy to set up your backup tasks!