TK8 Backup is reliable, easy-to-use backup software
to ensure you never lose your important files.

Standard or Professional Edition?

TK8 Backup has two editions.

The Standard version comes with enough features to cover most needs for a regular computer user. Having fewer features compared to the Professional edition it's also easier to use.

Advanced computer users or users with specific needs can select the Professional version to get all the features TK8 Backup has to offer.

Here's the full comparison table and 81 good reasons why you should get TK8 Backup right now:

Interface & tasks    
Unlimited backup tasks Yes Yes
List of recent backups Yes Yes
List of scheduled actions Yes Yes
List of recent actions Yes Yes
Auto backup features built in Yes Yes
Folder monitoring to auto start backup tasks when file change is detected Yes Yes
Device monitoring to auto start backup tasks when particular device is connected to the computer Yes Yes
Create shortcuts from tasks to your desktop Yes Yes
FTP Utility to manage files in your remote server Yes Yes
CD/DVD Burning utility with disc maintenance options Yes Yes
System tray working mode Yes Yes
Customizable look (with memory) Yes Yes
Import / export all program settings Yes Yes
Multi-language support Yes Yes
Data available for backups    
Any folder (with or without sub-folders) Yes Yes
Any file Yes Yes
Hidden files & folders Yes Yes
Windows Mail (identities, e-mails, attachments, mail rules, accounts info, etc) Yes Yes
Microsoft Outlook (including e-mails, contacts, tasks, settings, etc.) Yes Yes
Outlook Express (identities, e-mails, attachments, mail rules, accounts info, etc) Yes Yes
My Documents (with or without Pictures and Videos) Yes Yes
Internet Explorer Favorites & Feeds Yes Yes
Mozilla Firefox (Bookmarks & settings) Yes Yes
Mozilla Thunderbird (E-mails & settings) Yes Yes
Windows Address Book / Contacts Yes Yes
Windows Fonts Yes Yes
Desktop Yes Yes
Backup Types    
Full backup (all files are backed up) Yes Yes
Full backup if changed (all files are backed up if some file has been changed since the last backup) Yes Yes
Incremental (only modified or added files are backed up, compared to the last backup) Yes Yes
Differential (only modified or added files are backed up, compared to the last full backup) No Yes
Incremental combined with full backups Yes Yes
Differential combined with full backups No Yes
Inverse backup No Yes
Compression & Security    
Compressed backups (zip format, 32 and 64 bit) Yes Yes
Choose zip compression level Yes Yes
Custom zip name templates Yes Yes
Split zip files Yes Yes
Password protected zip files Yes Yes
Strong AES 256 encryption No Yes
Executable backups (Self-extracting with integrated Restoring Wizard) Yes Yes
Backup without compression Yes Yes
Backup Storage    
Backup from/to local hard drives Yes Yes
Backup from/to external hard drives Yes Yes
Backup from/to network locations Yes Yes
Backup from/to password protected and/or disconnected network drives No Yes
Backup from/to removable media (like USB drives, ZIP, MO, floppy, etc.) Yes Yes
Backup from/to CD (including multi-session, rewritable) Yes Yes
Backup from/to DVD (including multi-session, rewritable, double-layer) Yes Yes
Backup to remote FTP Yes Yes
Backup to e-mail attachments No Yes
Backup Creation    
Unlimited backup file size Yes Yes
Backup open files Yes Yes
Progress window with details Yes Yes
Store multiple versions of backups Yes Yes
Limit the backup versions to keep Yes Yes
Copy backups to additional locations Yes Yes
Auto retry for failed backups Yes Yes
Restoring Wizard Yes Yes
Restore all or select files to be restored Yes Yes
Restoring to original location Yes Yes
Restoring to different location Yes Yes
Quick restoring option Yes Yes
Backup log (details about the backup process) Yes Yes
General log (summary with every action) Yes Yes
Email notifications (on success and/or errors) No Yes
Popup notifications Yes Yes
Advanced features & options    
File inclusion and exclusion filters by file type and attributes Yes Yes
File inclusion and exclusion filters by file size and date No Yes
Run other programs and scripts before and/or after the backup is created No Yes
Option to shut down the computer after the backup is completed No Yes
Option to make backups automatically right before the computer is shut down No Yes
Archive bit and Timestamp comparison methods for incremental backups Yes Yes
Hidden and password protected working mode No Yes
CD/DVD session handling Yes Yes
CPU priority management No Yes
Backup groups No Yes
Getting Help    
Printable manual Yes Yes
Online and offline help files Yes Yes
Video Tutorials Yes Yes
Fast email support Yes Yes
Supported Platforms    
Windows 98 / ME / 2000 /XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 Yes Yes
Works on 32-bit systems Yes Yes
Works on 64-bit systems Yes Yes
With upgrades for 2 years US $19.95 US $29.95
With lifetime upgrade protection US $29.90 US $39.90