TK8 Backup is reliable, easy-to-use backup software
to ensure you never lose your important files.

Automatic Backups To Ensure You Won't Forget

You can make manual backups at any time. But of what use is the backup if it's from old data and your valuable files are gone forever because you forgot to make a fresh backup?

The built-in scheduler in TK8 Backup is flexible yet easy to use. You can specify to auto start the backup task on specific weekdays, or after a certain time interval.

The unique folder monitoring feature ensures the backup is always created immediately after the data is changed. So the backup can be done right when there is a real need for it.

Auto-retry is another useful feature. It's possible that at the time of backup the source data or the target where you have planned to store the backup is unavailable (for example your external drive or the Internet is disconnected). If that happens, the program will try to make the backup later hoping the problem is solved. If it is (you have re-connected your USB drive for example), the backup is created. When some scheduled actions fail, you will also see the notification window explaining what's wrong, even when TK8 Backup is inactive at the time.

In case you prefer semi-automatic backups, you can create desktop icons for backup tasks. Just double-click on the icon and TK8 Backup is started with the knowledge of what you would like to back up and where you would like to store the backup file.

With TK8 Backup set up, you don't have to worry about forgetting to backup, or that you might skip some important folder. All your important files are always backed up.