TK8 Backup is reliable, easy-to-use backup software
to ensure you never lose your important files.



I must say that this is a very fine piece of software, works rocksolid and is the only only one that works this way! And believe me, I tested a lot of backup-programs!

Andreas Hoffmann

Cologne, Germany


Thank you for your time and quick response. I find your software quite easy to use and am enjoying its features.

Shayne Cummings

Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada


I can't believe how fast you got back to me! We bought your program after we had a hard drive failure on a computer that was less than 1 month old - -since that time, we've used your program to do regular backups -- well, unfortunately, the hard drive failed on the SAME computer -- that makes two hard drive failures in 6 months -- but this time -- we had all of our backups, thanks to your program! We are extremely happy with this program. We compared it to others before we bought back in January and your program offers so many more usable features for LESS money -- I like that! :-) Thanks for great program -- and your EXCELLENT customer support!

Wendy Estes

Schaumburg, NY, US


I have to say your program is vey user friendly. Does everything I need with little effort. Best one I have tried.

Thomas Wishard

Highlands, NC, US


Thank you for the very swift reply! Great after-sales service - thank you.

Hugh McGarry

Valeilles, France (MX)


Your program saved me big time and nerves today! My computer crashed and so I lost everything. I'm so happy I had backups and got back all my documents and e-mails. Thank you!

Wendell Mathews

Albuquerque, NM, US


Good tech support. I love the attitude of your company, and appreciate so much that you have listened to my questions and concerns. You have been so patient, and I will recommend your program to everyone I know.

Skye Blaine

Eugene, OR, US:


Thanks again for all your help, I hope your boss knows what a terrific job you did helping me. If not, and if I knew who to write to, I would do so with great pleasure.

Hal Glenn

San Diego, CA, US


What a nice way to back up my e-mails. Just a click and done. Cool :)

Gregory Ruggiero

Schaumburg, IL, US


Your program is a great backup utility for our needs and will be used as a solution for our other hospital installations.

Richard Flannery



No more I need to rely on our IT staff. I can back up all the improtant data myself. And if something should happen, I know I really have my data.

Bengt Isaksson

Drammen, Norway


I'm sure I did the right thing by selecting your program. Not only the program but also the support is great. You guys deserve the worldwide success and I'm sure you'll achieve that in one day!

Chris Bal

Orem, UT, US


Thanks so much for your thoroughness, and patience and help. I really like the TK8 back-up program, and the excellent technical support!

John C. Sivie

Los Angeles, CA, US


I have been looking for a reliable backup software for months. Glad I found it finally. What a superb program! Has everything I have dreamed about.

Ralph Sutter

Miami, FL, US


I'm very happy with the program. The first I can say is that it was very easy to set up. And I like the scheduling - no more worries that I could lose some file.

Kurt Leinbach

Frankfurt, Germany


The most impressive is the offsite backup feature - that I can upload my backups to the FTP server. Network drive support is also great... I can say only good words about your program. Thanks!

Laura Roth

Sunnyvale, CA, US


Thank you so much for your VERY prompt technical support. I honestly do appreciate it, and it's what has kept me using your software for years now. Thanks!

Terry Martin